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Tornado Tube Book W/Connector

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Since its introduction in 1987, the Tornado Tube? has become one of the world's most popular science toys. The Tornado Tube is used to connect two plastic soda bottles, one filled with water, in the shape of an hourglass. Simply swirl the liquid in the bottles and in seconds a twisting, turning, spiraling, vortex appears. But there's more!

Steve Spangler uncovers 50 creative, unusual, hands-on activities that will knock your socks off! Taming the Tornado Tube? is a wonderful collection of ideas inspired by children and teachers throughout the country. See their ideas and inventions in this fully illustrated, 128-page book that is guanranteed to get your creative ideas flowing! Acitivities recommended for children ages 4 and up.
What's included?

* Taming the Tornado Tube book
* Tornado Tube connector in your choice of quantity, available in assorted colors
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