• The Tiger Rising Lit Link Gr 4-6

The Tiger Rising Lit Link Gr 4-6

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Students will readily identify and empathize with Rob Horton's inability to share his emotions while completing teh various activities in this Lit Link. Chapter-by-chapter questions will strengthen students' reading comprehension and assist them in developing critical thinking and emotional development. The vocabulary and word study activities are designed to improve literacy skills in an enjoyable way. About The Novel: Rob Horton is a young boy whose mother has recently died. His father uproots him from everything he knows and takes him to Lister, Florida to live in a seedy motel. Rob keeps all of his emotions locked up inside and will not share his feelings with anyone. When ugly red blisters appear on Rob's legs at school, the principal fears it is a contagious infection and sends him home. On his way home, while walking through the misty Florida woods, Rob is shocked to find a real-life tiger pacing back and forth in a cage. On the same day, Rob meets Sistine Bailey, a girl who is outgoing and readily displays her feelings. She is the exact opposite of Rob. The two children, become great friends and through the counsel of a motel maid and their experiences with the tiger, learn the importance of sharing their feelings with family and friends.
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