The Phonics Game Millennium Edition

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The Phonics GameT Millennium Edition New edition includes more materials at a new low price! AGES 4 AND UP. The Phonics GameT is a total phonetic reading system, cleverly disguised as a series of fun, interactive games. In fact, it's six great games children will love to play over and over. Just put the videos into the VCR and learn all about phonics, then play along! Children will be so engaged in the interaction and competition they won't realize how much they're learning! Highly recommended for older non-readers!

  • Step 1 - Video 1 gives quick instructions and handy hints for parents or teachers.
  • Step 2 - Video 2 teaches all the sounds of the letters.
  • Step 3 - Watch Video 3 to learn the game rules, then play the games!
  • Step 4 - After each game, reinforce learning with the Reading Selection and Readers on the "Let's Read" CD-ROM. There is also additional practice on the "Fun Zone" CD-ROM and the "Sounds and Spelling" audio CD.

    The Phonics GameT includes three videos, 12 sets of game cards, a 50-page Play Book, and four CDs. The "Fun Zone" CD-ROM is filled with animated characters to guide kids through six supplemental interactive games they will love to play. The "Sounds and Spelling" audio CD reinforces spelling skills, and the "Let's Read" CD-ROM includes readers and advanced reading selections. "Raising Smart Kids" is a free bonus audio CD full of great information and helpful tips for stimulating children's learning capabilities.
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