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The Instant Curriculum Revised

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The Instant Curriculum is a resource for teachers who create and implement comprehensive early childhood programs. Activities are designed to encourage the development of skills and practice specific concepts. This book reduces both the amount of time teachers spend in preparation, and the amount of money spent for purchasing supplies. Each chapter begins with an overview providing the basic philosophy behind that particular curriculum area. This book will be an essential tool for new teachers, and a useful resource for teachers who may have the first edition of The Instant Curriculum. Special features of this book:The focus on concepts and skills provides a flexible format that allows teachers to select activities that strengthen a specific skill for one or many children.
Teachers can customize an activity to match curriculum themes. Activities for Teachable Moments are interspersed throughout the book.
Special sections on Transitions and Family Connections are included.
A chapter on problem solving and critical thinking focuses on the potential application of these skills to all areas of learning and life.
Chapters on literacy and math are in sub-divided into skill areas. In both cases, activities move in a developmental continuum that, if used in order, allows children to build from easier skills to more complex skills. Teachers will be able to use these activities to meet literacy, language, and math expectations.
The Instant Curriculum emphasizes allowing children to learn at their own level of development and progress accordingly. The book also encourages teachers to provide choices for children to make and to allow children to experiment and discover. In this way, young children will develop skills in independent learning and will feel confident in their ability. Learning will become an interesting process that continues for a lifetime.
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