The American Heritage College Dictionary Fourth Edition, Hardbound

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The newly updated American Heritage? College Dictionary, Fourth Edition, presents the very best that a college dictionary can offer.
It features all the qualities that have distinguished the American Heritage? name for decades: a clear and accessible defining style, expert usage advice, and more than 2,500 photographs and drawings that enhance the definitions and invite browsing.
New to this updated release are recently prominent terms such as blue state, edamame, and fattoush. The Periodic Table of the Elements includes the newest element, roentgenium. Biographical entries are fully up-to-date, and geographical entries reflect the latest geopolitical changes.
And now for the first time, The American Heritage? College Dictionary includes a registration card with a unique passkey code that allows the user to download directly to a PC or Mac the entire contents of The American Heritage? Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, as well as Roget's II: The New Thesaurus.
The eReference Suite can be accessed within Microsoft? Office applications at the click of a button. This remarkable $34.95 value is free with the print product.
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