• Telling Time Games -- Using the Judy Clock GR. K

Telling Time Games -- Using the Judy Clock GR. K

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Telling Time Games -- Using the Judyr Clock provides simple, step-by-step directions for teaching time using the Judyr Clock. Children will easily be able to visualize basic time concepts such as "60 minutes in an hour" and "five-minute intervals" by counting the "tic marks" and numbers around the clock face. The more than 40 games and activities in this 48 page book support NCTM Standards. This resource requires the use of the Judyr Clock to provide a simple introduction and additional practice in learning about time. It has been designed to introduce young learners to basic time concepts, and then engage them in a myriad of fun, yet challenging games that reinforce the concepts and guarantee success! Use this book to enrich your math program and extend the use of your Judyr Clock. 48 pp
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