Tantalizing tangram game with a new twist!Look at all the amazing things you can create with seven simple shapes: animals, numbers, and everyday items, traditional to whimsical, simple to complex. The possibilities are as infiniteas your imagination! Our flipchart gives the outline, but your predictions, spatial-relational awareness, and hand-eye coordination do the rest. Tangram Smart is a puzzle,a game, and a race that you can play anyplace. Justfind the nearest window, mirror, tile, or shiny metalsurface and let the fun begin! An excellent choicefor parents: Keeps kids quietly engaged at home,on the road, in schools, and during restaurantoutings. English, Spanish, French, and Chinesevocabulary provided for each puzzle as an addedlearning bonus. Game includes: 45-page flipchart,4 EduStic Tangrams, 4 laminated storage sheets andplay boards. Ages 5 and up. From 1 to 4 players.
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