• Tall-Tale Math: Data And Measurement

Tall-Tale Math: Data And Measurement

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Tall-Tale Math: Data and Measurement Highly creative story problems spark curiosity and help students appreciate math as a powerful tool for solving real-life questions. Designed to help instructors implement the NCTM Curriculum and Evaluation Standards, these books empower students by helping them understand and utilize the fundamentals of mathematics. Each book is divided into three sections: Review, Skill-Builder, and Extra-Practice Sheets. Activities Include: Points, Lines, and Planes; Types of Lines; Angles; Complementary and Supplementary Angles; Congruent Angles; Quadrilaterals; Triangles; Circles and Pie; Perimeter; Area; Volume; Ratio and Proportion; Congruent and Similar Figures; Square Root; and The Pythagorean Theorem. 64 pages. Grade Level: 5-9
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