• Talking With Your Hands Listening With Your Eyes

Talking With Your Hands Listening With Your Eyes

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It is the third most commonly used language in North America. It has its own beauty, its own unmistakable form, and its own inherent culture. It is American Sign, the language of the deaf. Now, Gabriel Grayson, teacher extraordinaire, has put together a book that makes signing accessible, easy, and fun. Using more than 1,400 photographs, he has created a comprehensive primer to the techniques, words, and phrases of signing.

Each word is accompanied by a photo or series of photos that show hand, face, and body expressions. And along with each image is text that details every movement. The book begins by looking at the history and nature of both the language and the deaf community. Next, it explains the basics of signing, including the alphabet, numbers, physical movements, and facial expressions. The balance of the book provides a complete guide to words in sign language. Throughout the book, the author has included informative insets that focus on fascinating aspects of deaf history, culture, language, and trivia. Inset topics include how sign language got its start in baseball; how signing differs around the world; the latest advances in electronic communications for the deaf; and much more.
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