• The Tale Of Despereaux Lit Link Gr 4-6

The Tale Of Despereaux Lit Link Gr 4-6

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The Tale of Despereaux is three unforgettable stories all rolled into one. First, it is the tale of Despereaux Tilling, a courageous, but tiny mouse, who lives in a castle, falls in love with a princess banished by his own family to the castle dungeon. Next, it is about a rather disturbed rat named Roscuro, who is obsessed with light. Finally, it is about a young girl named Miggery Sow who longs to be a princess. Their lives are connected when Despereaux leads a quest to rescue the princess, who has been taken captive in the dungeon by the evil Roscuro, connecting the lives of the mouse, rat, Mig, and the princess. 64 pages.
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