Crazy Cranking Construction! The Superstructs Wacky Machines building set features 175 durable plastic pieces including 16 large gears and plans to build 7 truly wacky models. A 59 page easy-to-read, illustrated, construction guide shows how to create a crazy Clock, geared-down Ferris Wheel, a thumping What-cha-ma-call-it, a Drilling Car and more. Or use your imagination to create your own fun and zany contraptions. The addition of the EVA Foam pieces make each model so strong, it can be played with once built—doubling the play value of each model and the set. Combine this set with other Superstructs system pieces to build lots of wacky creations. All Wacky Machines pieces are dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Visit the Superstructs SuperBuilds database to find other models with building guides that can be made from Wacky Machines. Visit dbx.superstructs.comSuperstructs Wacky Machines set comes in a heavy duty handled box that is perfect to store all the pieces! "More Difficult" Difficulty Rating For ages 5 years +Awards Won: Toy of the Year - Creative Child Magazine Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold & Platinum Awards.Models Made: Crazy Clock, Ferris Wheel, Driller Car, Thumping Whatcha-ma-call-it, Lawn Mower, 3-Wheeled Car, Crane with Gears
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