• Subtraction Workbook And Cd Set

Subtraction Workbook And Cd Set

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Understand subtraction and master the facts with this Music CD and 96-page workbook set. The Music CD includes 14 original songs that teach kids to "think addition" when learning subtraction, why the "count down" strategy is helpful, how to make a "fact family" and other strategies. Plus, the songs drill the minuends 1 - 18. The workbook features subtraction learning games using easy-to-assemble 20-sided dice, practice worksheets, real-life problem solving, and time tests. Introduce advanced subtraction - ;subtracting two-, three-, and four-digit numbers. The Claim That Number Card Game reinforces subtraction learning. Great for home or classroom learning.
Approximate Run Time: 63:00

- Music CD with original songs that teach Subtraction
- Minuends 1 - ; 18
- Subtraction Strategies
- Worksheets
- Subtraction Learning Games with easy-to-assemble 20-sided Dice included
- Real-life Problem Solving - ; Word Problems
- Time Tests
- Introduce Advanced Subtraction including subtracting two-, three-, and four-digit numbers with and without remainders
- Claim That Number Card Game - ; players add or subtract cards to claim the target number
- PDF answer key included on the Enhanced Music CD
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