• Student Numberline Dry Erase Boards Set/30

Student Numberline Dry Erase Boards Set/30

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Number Line Double-Sided Dry-Erase Boards - These number lines cover it all! Horizontal and Vertical Number Lines from -20 to 20, blank lines and printed lines with 100 divisions. Made of durable plastic. Set of 30 student sized boards.

Set of 30 double-sided number lines measuring 4.21" x 11.69" each.

Comprising a horizontal number line on one side and a vertical number line on the other, blank lines, lines with 100 divisions and printed -20 to 20. Made from durable plastic. Matching demonstration-sized number line (#3601) complements our student-sized number lines. Perfect for classroom participation!

Provides and excellent tool for teaching simple and complex math concepts.

Age Level: 6-10

Grade Level: 1-4
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