• Step-by-Step Data Analysis Grades: 4-6 - Homework Booklets

Step-by-Step Data Analysis Grades: 4-6 - Homework Booklets

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The Step-by-Step Series was created to help students develop a basic understanding of math skills through practice exercises. Activities progress in difficulty based on a practical, systematic approach. Assignments in Data Analysis focus on measures of central tendency, measures of variation, normal and skewed curves, pictographs, histograms, scatter plots, box-and-whisker plots, step-and-leaf plots, bar graphs, line graphs, and circle graphs. Applications include interpreting and representing data, interpreting statistics, reading graphs, analyzing data models, and recognizing misleading graphs. Math Hints, Math Facts, and Examples are included to make the exercises more student-friendly. Some pages are self-checking with matching and multiple-choice answers that answer a riddle. A convenient eight-page, pullout answer key is provided in the middle of the book.
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