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Sensory Glitter Storm Set

Set of 3 large cylinders containing gold, silver and blue glitter in clear liquid. Turn them over to observe the sensory glitter storm. Our highly attractive crystal clear sensory liquid set contain c...


Sign Language Pocket Flash Cards

Flashy by design! Build student confidence and skills using fun-filled flash cards. This illustrated pack, complete with activities, teaches 26 basic signs and the photographic manual alphabet. Watch ...


manimo - Lizard protective cover

This water repellent cover will protect your Manimo Lizard from stains, saliva or dirt of any kind. Perfect when your weighted animal is handled by many people, where frequent cleaning is necessary. H...


Mystery Sensory Balls

A set of 6 reflective mirror balls that look identical but all have individual characteristics. Some wobble when rolled, or turn and won't roll in a straight line, some feel funny when twisted, spun o...


Tactile Sandpaper Lowercase Letters

Beginning readers and special needs students will benefit from the tactile experience of these letters. These 4 1/4" x 2 5/8" cards are covered with fine yellow sand and help students make the connect...


Tactile Squeak Balls, 6 Per Pack

Set of 6 balls features bright colors, fascinating contours and a little "squeak" for sensory learning. Balls are 3.5" to 4.5" diameter. For ages 1+...


Sensory Reflective Sound Balls

These reflective mirror balls come in a set of 7 differently sized spheres and each produces a different sound when shaken and a different movement when rolled. A truly multi-sensory learning toy, the...


Sensory Rainbow Cascade

A set of 6 large sensory liquid towers, each containing two streams of colored liquid which cascade to the bottom in droplets at varying speeds. Our highly attractive crystal clear sensory liquid set ...


We Sign Babies & Toddlers 2, 2 DVDs

Imagine being able to comunicate with your baby and toddler and understanding their wants, needs and thoughts without crying or tantrums. You can reduce parent children communication frustrations effe...


Sign Language & Braille Learning Cards

Learning sign language is an excellent cross-curricular communication skills for any child! Each of the cards features a letter, an illustration of a hand demonstrating the sign for that letter, and t...


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