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Tactile Discs Beginner Patterns, Set of 5

An inviting tactile material that challenges children's sense of touch on both hands and feet. At the same time, it develops the ability to describe sense impressions verbally. The tactile discs, made...


We Sign Baby Songs

We Sign™ BABY SONGS, a collection of twelve fun interactive songs, enables you to play and bond with your baby while strengthening early learning. - Songs specifically designed for you to use with yo...


Feeling Heads, Multicultural

Five fun faces to squish! Feeling Heads relieve stress and open up communication to talk about feelings. Children and adults alike love to play with these squeezable faces! Toss them around, discussin...


Sensory Rainbow Cascade

A set of 6 large sensory liquid towers, each containing two streams of colored liquid which cascade to the bottom in droplets at varying speeds. Our highly attractive crystal clear sensory liquid set ...


Flannel Pillow

The vibrating pillow for kids and teens! These colorful, lightweight, fun-shaped and portable vibrating cushions offer a gentle sensation when they are squeezed or sat on, relaxing, calming and soothi...


Starbright Gertie® Ball

Play catch, even at night! Our Starbright Gertie Ball comes in blue with stars that glow in the dark! Ball measures 9" in diameter...


Sensory Stones, Pack of 8

These large tactile stones are designed to enable children to share in sensory experiences by experimenting with the raised and indented shapes and patterns. The set of eight stones includes four rais...


Let's Learn Sign Language Learning Cards, PreK-Grade 2

Accelerate language development and communication with Let's Learn Sign Language learning cards. The beautifully illustrated cards show finger spelling and hand positions, along with a written descrip...


Sensory Dual Color Liquid Set

A set of 3 large sensory liquid wave shapes with 2 different colored streams of liquid which cascade to the bottom. Our highly attractive crystal clear sensory liquid set contain colorful oil and wate...


Textured Pop Beads, 100/pkg

Features 100 textured beads that can be linked together and popped apart. Beads are uniquely sized for easy gripping or fine motor practice and textured to increase tactile awareness. Downloadable pat...


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