• Sounds And Letters Literacy For Little Learners

Sounds And Letters Literacy For Little Learners

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Letters & Sounds Letters and Sounds is brimming with developmentally appropriate centers, activities, games. and songs that are perfect for helping young children learn to name alphabet letters, separate sounds in spoken words, and associate sounds with letters. With these kid-pleasing suggestions, not only is it easy to nurture early literacy growth--it's tons of fun too! Strengthen students' letter naming, letter matching, and letter formation skills by having them hang laundry on a clothesline, make edible cinnamon-sugar letters, strike letter-shaped poses, scour the newspaper, or start a new fashion trend with eye-catching letter necklaces. Spark children's interest in beginning sounds by taking them on safari, puffing down houses, or bravely reaching into an alligator's mouth. Phonemic awareness has never before been this much fun! Inspire your children to shop, putt, plant and otherwise play their way into deeper understandings of letter-sounds associations. Jazz up your lessons with songs and rhymes that are just perfect for familiarizing children with alphabet letters, their sounds, and related words.This book is rich with the inspiration you need to speed your planning time and strengthen your little ones' literacy skills.
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