Sophie the Otter is looking for yummy shells to eat and bring back to her seaside home. Help her find delicious shells by spinning the spinner and picking up shells that match the pattern you've spun. The first to collect a shell with each pattern is the winner! Helps develop pattern discrimination skills, a critical pre-reading skill, as well as strategic thinking, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. For 2-4 players. Ages 3+The nitty-gritty:· Sophie the Otter squeezer· 20 Shells in 5 patterns (4 of each pattern)· Spinner· Shell snack mat· Multilingual instructional guideHow to Play:1. Place all of the shells inside the game box.2. Give each player his or her own shell snack mat.3. Spin the spinner to determine your move.· If you spin a pattern, look for that pattern on a shell and collect it with your Sophie squeezer.· If you spin "steal a shell" or "lose a turn," take that action.· Watch out—if you spin Otto the Octopus, he might just throw your shell back in the sea!4. The first to collect all 5 shell patterns is the winner!
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