• Soothing Sounds Sleep Sheep

Soothing Sounds Sleep Sheep

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Sleep Sheep is the perfect night-time companion to help soothe children to sleep in a safe, calming and effortless way.
A sound box tucked safely inside Sleep Sheep lulls one to sleep with pleasant "white noise" - - soft sounds from nature and
the reassuring sound of a mother's heartbeat. Sleep Sheep's soothing sounds are an audio pacifier that can calm even the
fussiest babies to sleep. When babies sleep better, parents sleep better.

Sleep Sheep Features:

* Four Soothing Sounds: Mother's Heartbeat, Spring Showers, Ocean Waves and Whale Songs
* Simple push-button sound selection with volume and on/off controls
* Two sleep timer options: 23 and 45 minutes
* Velco tab to secure Sleep Sheep to the outside of a crib
* The Sleep Sheep story & numbered adoption certificate
* Two AA batteries included
* Dimensions - 17.8"X19.1"X24.1"
* Ideal for newborns and up by CLOUD B
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