• Solar System & Penguins Themed Kit Gr 1

Solar System & Penguins Themed Kit Gr 1

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This kit features fun, hands-on activities for two popular themes - penguins and solar system. There's no preparation needed; the activities are already laminated! You'll also get bonus patterns and a teacher's guide, so you can quickly choose the activities that are just right for your students.

Huge Value!
Kit includes:
- Penguin and Solar System Themes
- 2 Literacy Centers
- 2 Math Centers
- 1 Literacy Game
- 2 Math Games
- 2 Writing Activities
- A Teacher's Guide
- Bonus Patterns

Durable and Easy to Use
- Already Laminated
- 16 Oversized 11" x 17" Sheets
- Durable Storage Package
- No Prep Needed
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