• Sneaky Snakes A Color And Shape Pattern Game

Sneaky Snakes A Color And Shape Pattern Game

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Sneaky Snakes? Color & Shape Pattern Game
Slithering, early math fun! Children use a snake's tongue to complete, extend and create patterns. Also builds color and shape recognition. Leveled play options include simple, multi-level, and even child-created patterns. Designed for pre-readers. Includes 28 double-sided, self-checking snake tongues; 80 double-sided pattern tiles, spinner and 4 game boards measuring 9 3/4"L x 3 1/2"H. For 2 - ;4 players. Grades PreK

How to Play:
- Place a patterned tongue into your snake game board
- Spin the spinner and collect shape or color tiles
- First player to finish their pattern wins!
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