• Sculpt It White 10 Lbs

Sculpt It White 10 Lbs

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Available Is White, and five new bright colors, this smooth, air-hardening sculpting material is ideal for freehand modeling and creating realistic sculptures. No kiln or heat baking required for drying. Dries to an almost ceramic hard surface with minimal shrinkage during the drying process. Can be moistened while pliable to encourage piece to piece adhesion, smoothing & blending and to avoid cracking, colors can be blended together to create new colors or unique marbling effects.

6 piece - 6 Color Assortment Item #22-2001

2 lbs. White Resealable Tab Item #22-2000

10 lb. White Resealable Tab Item #22-2003

150 Ct. Bulk Classroom Packets Item #22-2099

(Includes 150 Individually Wrapped 20g Cellophane Packets)

· Air - Hardening Sculpture Material which dries to a ceramic hard, extremely rigid surface.

· Excellent detail & smooth surface characteristics.
· Great for making jewelry, figurines or sculptures. Can be painted, drilled, or sanded after
· Available in colors or white. Non-Toxic.
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