• Rolling In The Money

Rolling In The Money

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Rolling in the Money? Game
Friendly baker helps you roll in some dough! Reinforces coin identification and values, addition up to $1, subtraction from $1, place value and even beginning decimal concepts. Shake the coin-value dice to get closest to $1 without going over. Great for kinesthetic learners! Includes 5 coin dice, plastic baker shaker cup, score pad and Activity Guide. Shaker measures 3 1/2" in diameter x 4 1/4"H. For 2 - ;4 players. Grades 2

How to Play:
- Roll 5 dice and add your total
- Stop there or pick any dice to re-roll to get closer to $1 total
- Don't go over $1, or you score zero!
- Most money after 5 rounds wins!
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