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Real Reasons To Write

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Paperback Description Connecting student writing to relevant and personal interests promotes a love of writing, pure and simple. Given a choice between writing to their favorite singer or writing another one of those responses to literature, which one do you think your students will complete with enthusiasm? Which piece of writing do you think they'll revise and proofread with the care of a professional copy editor? We know you know the answer to those questions, just like you know why it's important to provide students with real-world connections to writing. This book is not a complete volume of real-world reasons for writing, but it is a healthy start. Every Real Reasons to Write writing project is an illustrated, stand-alone card printed on heavy card stock. An introduction to the project and tips for becoming a better writer are on the front of each card. A writing sample specific to the project is on the back of each card - ;ideal for using as a writing model and for inspiring students' creativity!
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