• Ready to Read Phonics Class Set-CD

Ready to Read Phonics Class Set-CD

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Give your students a head start in reading with this fun interactive phonics program taught by a friendly Phonics Coach and the recorded 'Alpha Kids.' Workbooks are filled with charming stories and characters that hold interest. Uses the 'hear-see-say' method to teach children to sound out letters and groups of letters, then put the sounds together to form words. As the Phonics Coach introduces fundamentals on CDs, children follow along in the illustrated workbook, responding to pictures and reading words and sentences along with the Alpha Kids. Guide includes easy-to-follow instructions and suggestions for additional learning activities. The Class Set features enough game and activity material to create phonics lessons for the entire classroom divided into small groups. Each Class Set includes four CDs, eight workbooks, two sets of flashcards, 40 Read-Along Books, Alpha Bats Cards, Turn & Learn Wheels, game materials, reproducible activity book, and Teacher's Guide.
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