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Rainbow Tube

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Capture a rainbow in a tube with squishy jelly crystals that you grow and color yourself!

This fun science kit has three cool activities in one giant, reusable test tube. Explore the magic of chemistry as you watch chemical reactions in action with fizzing tablets turn regular water into colored water. Next, grow big squishy jelly crystals overnight. Then you'll be amazed as you create a rainbow in a tube using the magic of science! You'll learn about the incredible superabsorbent polymer that drinks up to 300 times its weight in water, and about the secrets of the giant test tube, that comes from a very unusual place and can be reused for science experiments again and again. What will you think of to explore?

Included in this kit:

- Giant, reusable test tube
- True Color fizzing dissolvable color tablets
- Clear "Rainbow Crystals"

Science Principles explored in this kit: chemistry, applied science

Ages 4 and up
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