• Race To Read Game Reading Levels 5.0-6.5

Race To Read Game Reading Levels 5.0-6.5

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As players roll the die, they make their way around a colorful racetrack. When they land on different colored spaces, players choose cards that ask them to figure out parts of speech, noun plurals, verb tenses, blends, homophones, definitions, idioms, context clues, anagrams and more. As players correctly answer questions, they power ahead on the track. Teachers can choose how many laps to complete to adapt to time constraints. Covers the following aspects of Bloom's Taxonomy: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis

* Compact size saves space on the shelf and in the classroom
* High-interest graphics and content
* Short passages allow time for full comprehension and the chance to read a variety of topics
* Winning is based on knowledge and skills, not random factors
* Games address important content, not trivia
* Directions are easy to understand, so as not to restrict learning opportunities
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