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QUADEFY is a new 2 person strategy game played in three dimensions. Easy and quick to learn and play, students will need to exercise their visual spatial skills! The game begins with all of the pieces off of the base. Students take turns strategically placing one of their game pieces on the base, each attempting to keep their entire game piece "in bounds." (within the 4x4 cubed area) The first student, who is able to force their opponent to have to play out of bounds, wins! Every move is both offensive and defensive, making QUADEFY very fun to play. This game brings success to students who have visual spatial gifts and exercises that part of the brain for others! It also can be used as a very challenging puzzle! Because QUADEFY can absorb one or 2 students in quiet concentration for 3-5 minutes, it's the perfect game to keep out on the table for students who finish their work early.
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