Are your students bored with math? Not motivated to succeed? Jumpstart their interest with this one-of-a-kind math program! Students will be compelled to master the math skills that are essential to everyday life.This real-life program features sturdy, glossy folders that are divided into 5 everyday math categories. Each category includes 4 unique folders. With the help of realistic information and photos, each folder tells a math "story." Facts from the folders are used to complete comprehension questions that familiarize students with the folders and word problems that progress in difficulty throughout each category. Applied math skills include: · Multi-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division· Money, time, measurement· Percents, decimals, fractionsWhen students have successfully completed this program, they'll be able to confidently order from a menu, figure the total of a bill (including tip and tax), plan a household budget or a trip, and much more!40 Full-Color Folders:· 2 Each of 20 Different Folders · 5 Everyday Math Categories· 4-Pg. Glossy Folders (8 "x11" each)· Tabbed Dividers 144 Binder-Ready Pages:· 80 Pages of Word Problems· 20 Pages of Comprehension Questions· 22 Pages of "Learning Tools" Helper Pages· Teaching Suggestions & Answer Keys· Tabbed Dividers
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