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Poppa's Pizza Pileup

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Poppa's Pizza Pile-Up. Action game for 2-4 players, ages 4 . Mama mia - don't tip Poppa's pizza! Who can add the most toppings, without toppling the pizza? If the pizza tips, you're out of the kitchen! For the ultimate challenge, take Poppa off his stabilizing base. Builds coordination and reasoning skills. For 2-4 players. For ages 4 and up.
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Won one of Nick Jr. Magazine's Best Toys of 2002 Awards
Assembly time 2 minutes

Game Components:
1 pizza
32 topping pieces
Poppa the pizza chef
Poppa's game base
Game die
Game rules

How to Play (for 2-4 players)
Before beginning, place Poppa on the game base and place the pizza on Poppa's finger.
Each player rolls the die, and then adds the toppings shown on the die.
The objective is to avoid tipping the pizza and spilling the toppings. If you tip the pizza, you're eliminated from the game. The last remaining player wins.
For a greater challenge, remove Poppa from his stabilizing base. Now the pizza will wobble even more!
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