Students will love the friendly foxes and their cuddly kits in the Playful Foxes Bulletin Board Set. Includes one header, one tree, one fox in den, one log, one tree stump, 2 ferns, 4 large foxes, 30 baby foxes, 7 sets of socks, and 4 sets of leg warmers. The new Playful Foxes Bulletin Board Set proves that colorful classroom decorations can do more than just decorate! The Playful Foxes collection features an extended family of foxes set in a pleasant landscape of tree stumps and sleepy-time caves. These sweet creatures add a touch of the forest to the classroom while meeting the curriculum needs of the teacher and students. This adorable character-driven classroom decorative will help motivate students and promote a creative, positive classroom environment while still being versatile enough to stay up all year.
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