• Physical Usa/World Map Bundle 51X37 Gr 6-12

Physical Usa/World Map Bundle 51X37 Gr 6-12

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This is a very exciting year for National Geographic Maps, as we are launching our new series of maps designed specifically for the kids. Our new graded-series of maps are the first to address the unique needs of K-12 students as they advance their understanding of our World.

Unlike other classroom poster maps, ours utilize the Winkel-Triple projection, which provides the best combination of size, shape, and distance giving the student the best visual representation of the Earth's surface. This solves the effect seen on other maps where Greenland appears larger than South America.

Our new maps start early elementary kids off right. Our Physical Series, grades 6-12, helps advancing students understand the World's diverse landform, Oceans, and our Nation's terrain.

Scale = 1:30,000,000
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