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Phonics Made Easy Flash Action Software

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Mighty Mini software might come in a pint-size package, but it contains a full-size software program that is packed with proven educational content.

Help your child overcome common reading stumbling blocks with Phonics Made Easy. Children will have fun mastering pre-reading skills with this easy-to-use program. If your child struggles with rote memorization, our fun phonics system will help him or her learn that sounds and syllables in a word correspond to letter combinations. Each new activity reinforces key skills such as letter blends and long and short vowel sounds. The program offers a wide variety of questions and formats that play to your child's unique learning style, while the game-like feel makes learning phonics fun. Colorful animation, numbers, and charts make the lessons clear and memorable, too. Get your child into the game today - ;it will lead to a lifetime love of learning!
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