• Pencil Pal Software Beginning Sounds Ages 3-5

Pencil Pal Software Beginning Sounds Ages 3-5

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Mighty Mini software might come in a pint-size package, but it contains a full-size software program that is packed with proven educational content.

Beginning Sounds On-Track Software is designed with a unique progress tracking feature, which allows children to work at their own pace, bookmarks their progress so they can pick up where they left off, and provides instant grading to motivate learning. A speedy rabbit checks the exercises and guides children through essential preschool skills, such as letter-sound association, letter recognition, and matching sounds. Audio encouragement and entertaining animations reward progress.

Plus, there are added features like games and personalized printouts. Between exercises, children are rewarded with a variety of games, such as Deep-Sea Dodge 'Em. Personalized printouts extend learning opportunities and reinforce children's hard work.

Skills Include: -
Letter Recognition
- Letter-Sound Association
- Matching Sounds
- Following Directions
- Problem Solving
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