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Dance Party Fun, CD

New! If you want your children to exercise, but they need to be motivated, this dance recording is just what you want. Twelve great songs that kids will love have been choreographed with simple dance ...


Early Years Music Set

A colorful and practical 10-piece set of percussion instruments, ideal for young children to learn about sound and rhythm, and encouraging group participation in songs and dance. A fun set of musical ...


Yoga for Kids CD

Soothing music offers backgrounds for holding positions based on familiar animals and objects. The postures stimulate self awareness and are designed to exercise and strengthen all major muscles. Emph...


STEAM Themes: Songs to Enrich Learning

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) is a curriculum that encourages the integration of important areas of learning for children. Although music is not included in the STEAM approac...


Dr. Jean: Nursery Rhymes & Good Ol’ Times CD

With the help of a little rhythm, rock and movement, you'll have fun introducing these classic Songs and Nursery Rhymes to a whole new generation. For ages 3-6. Song Titles: 1. The Wheels on the Bus ...


Wood Maracas

These beautiful maracas are hand painted in Mexico. Besides being fun to play for all ages, maracas are the perfect way to introduce children to the style and sound of Latin music. Sold in pairs...


Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs CD

Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs is the CD that started it all. Full of fun, singable tunes for the classroom, this recording will put a smile on your children's faces and a song in their hearts. For ages 3...


Multi-Instrument Classroom Set, 25-Player

Our Rhythm Instrument Sets include an assortment of instrument combinations, ideal for accommodating different numbers of players in a classroom. The assortments have each been carefully selected to p...


Stephen Fite: Havin’ Fun & Feelin’ Groovy CD

These fun and groovy songs will help kids feel good about learning their Months in English and Spanish, Days, Numbers, Colors, Weather and will even help them learn to play the Blues On Kazoo! Songs i...


Hardwood Claves, Pair

This pair of sticks are the same length, thickness, and smoothness. And when held in each hand just right, they create a full, resonant sound that brings out the percussionist in every child. Includes...


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