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Multicultural Bean Bag Fun CD

Bean bag activities, blended with world traditions and rich musical rhythms, teach unique customs and cultures. Includes circle and partner activities, traditional dances, games, fiestas and original ...


Plastic Maracas

These bright red, 3" plastic maracas have a great, full sound. They have an easy to grip handle and are safe for children 3 years and up. Because they are made from plastic, the maracas can easily be ...


Sing, Learn & Play Everyday! 20-CD Set

Sing, Learn, & Play Everyday is a 20-CD set that features over 250 songs in total! Create an enjoyable way to start the day, relax in the car, or have fun during playtime. This set includes: • All-Ti...


Rhythm Sticks Rap and Tap CD

By Michael Plunkett. Play to the beat with rhythm sticks! Children gain rhythmic sense, develop motor skills and learn valuable concepts. The musical patterns reinforce skills such as loud/soft, fast/...


Greg & Steve: Big Fun CD

Greg & Steve live up to the title "BIG FUN" with this exciting set of songs and activities for kids ages 3 to 9 years. These guys are know for their high energy movement songs for the classroom and th...


6" Triangle with Striker

Pure of tone and clear ring, this 6" aluminum triangle has a non-detachable loop handle allowing easy playing. Detached striker included. Includes songs and playing activities and safe for ages 3 year...


Bean Bag & Ball Play CD

By Michael Plunkett. Re-ignite classic bean bag and ball activities with a unique, upbeat combination of these popular favorites. Award-winning musician-educator, Michael Plunkett, once again brings a...


Janod Xylo Roller

Janod Tattoo - Red Xylo Roller let's you take your music with you. Metal xylophone with 8 keys is mounted on a bright and cheery wooden rolling base. Black rubber bands on the wheels for quiet travels...


Letter Sounds, Audio CD & Downloadable Book

Energetic music and fun activities build excitement about learning to read. Letter Sounds covers the most common sound that each letter makes along with consonant blends. Humorous characters on the au...


Saxophone Boxed

This Senior Saxophone offer 8 colored keys/notes and larger than the Junior Saxophone. A quality innovative toy for the young musican. Learn to play three songs / instructions included - Jingle Bells ...


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