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Leaping Literacy! CD

Leaping Literacy! Rhythm Sticks, Ribbons & Games Here's an innovative new way to help prepare children for reading success! Terific songs, tongue twisters, games, and activities ensure that childre...


Preschool Workout CD

Make it fun and get creative when you give kids ample opportunities for guided exercise each day. Children need at least 60 minutes of structured exercise to meet minimum standards. Support preschoo...


Raffi: Singable Songs for the Very Young CD

Raffi's first and best selling album. A children's classic: favorites and originals, rhyming fun, counting songs - irresistible! Includes printed lyrics...



Handbells are a perfect way to introduce kids to melody, notes, and rhythms. The bells are played by hand-ringing and are the perfect size for small hands. 8-note diatonic set of handbells with a rang...


Kiss Your Brain CD

Kiss your brain and sing and learn with Dr. Jean! Included are 24 songs that will develop phonological awareness, reading skills, as well as, math and science concepts. Some of the tunes are: Who Let ...


Sweet Dreams CD

Restful music for quiet times. Soothing and gentle, created to appeal to all ages. Half of the CD features lyrics and half are instrumental only for truly quiet times. Guide with lyrics. Songs includ...


Dr. Jean: Better Bodies and Brains 2-CD Set

This Dr. Jean album features songs to start your day and wake up the brain, as well as songs for stretching, breathing, and relaxing. Each song includes a vocal version, as well as a track with the i...


Greg & Steve: Kids in Action CD

Getting kids up and moving is what Greg & Steve do best. Their version of the classic "Goin'On A Bear Hunt" set to music is an instant classic. Pass out beanie babies for a rockin' good time with the ...


Multi-Instrument Classroom Set, 15-Player

Our Rhythm Instrument Sets include an assortment of instrument combinations, ideal for accommodating different numbers of players in a classroom. The assortments have each been carefully selected to p...


Singable Songs CD Set, Pack of 4

Four classic singalong CDs from KIMBO. Set includes: Three Silly Little Kittens, Four Baby Bumblebees, Five Little Monkeys, and Six Little Ducks. Great for schools, family fun, and libraries. Each CD ...


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