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Dr. Jean and Friends CD

Join Dr. Jean and Mother Goony Bird, Dr. Knicker Bocker, Tarzan and the Monkeys And The Alligator on this fun-filled CD. Includes basic skills tunes for the days of the week and months of the year, co...


Crow Sounder

The "caw-caw" of this crow comes from the great echo in it's hollowed-out wooden tube. Use the hardwood mallet to tap it or scrape it. Includes songs and activities specific to this instrument and for...


Baby Music Band, Pack of 4

Creative Child Magazine Top Toy of the Year award. Your child will love shaking and rocking with the Baby Band. Helps develop gross motor skills plus other early stage developmental benefits. All item...


Sing, Learn & Play Everyday! 20-CD Set

Sing, Learn, & Play Everyday is a 20-CD set that features over 250 songs in total! Create an enjoyable way to start the day, relax in the car, or have fun during playtime. This set includes: • All-Ti...


5" Cymbals with Mallet, Pair

These medium sized (5") brass cymbals have big wooden knobs for easy gripping and a wooden mallet that dampens the sound into a lovely bell tone. A fixture in any marching band these include playing a...


4" Triangle with Striker

Pure of tone and clear ring, this 4" aluminum triangle has a non-detachable loop handle allowing easy playing. Detached striker included. Includes songs and playing activities and safe for ages 3 year...


Mini Maracas, Pair

Looking much like traditional gourd maracas but much smaller and more durable, this plastic version will unlock the musician in everyone. Ages Birth and up...


Wrist Bells, 1/pkg

A soft and comfortable nylon webbing anchors four stainless steel 1" bells. Hold it in your hand or around your wrist to create bright bell sounds. Songs and playing activities included, safe for ages...


Baby Connections

Sing, play, discover, and Learn! Interact with 6-12 month olds, and watch them get stronger, gain confidence, and develop their bodies through easy, brain-based movements set to rhymes, rhythms, & cha...


Circle Time Activities CD

NEW!! The colors of Africa, making a pizza, the days of the week, farm animals, a reader's hokey pokey, feelings, manners, and so much more, make this collection of activities for everyday an exciting...


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