Multipurpose Cards: Our Solar System

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Join Farmer Ed and Bingo the Dog for a delightful game that invites everyone in on the fun of calling questions - ;4 games in 1 interactive electronic package! Use with Radius? Audio Learning System.

# Captivates children as they take turns scanning cards to hear Farmer Ed call out questions, then look for and mark answers on their bingo cards

# Teaches sight words, rhyming word families, addition and subtraction, and food groups

# Supports early readers with CD-quality sound for proper pronunciation, plus a chance to record and hear their own voices in bonus round play

# Encourages independent learning as players self-check using visual and audio help

# Rewards 4 in a row with a fun surprise

# Includes 8 bingo cards, question cards, 1 winner card, paw print markers and 2 Radius Interactive CDs (all cards double-sided; cards and markers UV-coated for durability)

# For 2-4 players--great for self-directed learning centers

# Grades 1
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