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Multiplication Unplugged Cd/Book Kit

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Catchy melodies, along with drill and student involvement make multiplication tables to twelve very memorable. Multiplication Unplugged was a Teacher's Choice Award nominee. This album of multiplication songs was put together with a great deal of thought. Each of the 12 melodies is different, very musical and very catchy. Besides drilling the multiplication facts, these songs also teach skip counting. The chorus of every single song is actually skip counting. So, not only do students learn all of their timetables, they can count by 6's, 7's, and even 12's with no problem! This kit is perfect for earlier grades as a primer and for later grades as a resource and review. This is a collection of 12 multiplication teaching songs, plus a complement of 12 "self quizzing" tracks. Students will enjoy singing along to these multiplication songs. The lyrics/activity book (which may be reproduced by the teacher for classroom use) includes over a dozen activity sheets.
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