• Multiplication 2 - Multi-Digit and Regrouping

Multiplication 2 - Multi-Digit and Regrouping

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Over 10,000 hours of government-funded studies have proven it - drills are the best Way to teach basic math skills! Sized for photocopiers and affordably priced for individual use, these classroom-tested drillbooks offer lots of skill-building pages and value-added features.

* AnsWer keys provide easy opportunities for self or peer checking
* Instant notebook charts aid fact memorization
* Step-by-step instructional pages reinforce operation skills
* Quick-look reference tables build concept understanding
* Clean, bold pages provide room for ansWers and computations
* Great for remedial and adult education, too!
* Qualifies for Title I funds
* Reproducible
* 32 pp
* 8? x 11"
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