• Money Learning Kit

Money Learning Kit

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96 Flash Cards - 2 Levels of Difficulty:
These skill drill flash cards have it all - ; real photos of U.S. currency, two color-coded levels, plus activity ideas! 96 self-checking flash cards (3"x6") are divided into two separate levels. Level One includes 42 cards with simple coin combinations up to $1.50. Level Two includes 41 cards with coin and bill combinations up to $30.00. Up-to-date images of money help students easily identify, match, and add money values. Also included are 13 identification cards featuring the heads and tails of coins and the fronts of bills up to $100 plus activity cards with suggestions for game play!
Set Includes: - Real images of U.S. money
- Coin & bill identification cards
- Level 1 - simple coin combinations up to $1.50
- Level 2 - combinations up to $30
- Activity cards

Dominoes - 3 Ways to Play:
Students have fun playing dominoes by matching coin values in written, numerical, and pictorial form. Forty-five dominoes and game suggestions are included. Great for individual use or small groups. 1-4 players.
- Real coin images
- Values in numerals & written amounts

2 Activity Books:
Step-by-step exercises to help students identify coins, count coins, match coins to prices, work simple addition problems, and recognize the different ways of showing amounts. 40 pages each.
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