• Middle School Fraction Kit

Middle School Fraction Kit

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Challenge your middle-school students as they continue to master the concepts of fractions and equivalency. They'll move to more advanced activities involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions, mixed numbers, decimals and percents. Our kit includes hands-on manipulatives as well as innovative games and activities to keep them thinking.
- Fraction Circles, plastic (8 sets)
- Fraction Squares, plastic (8 sets)
- Percent Tiles, plastic (8 sets)
- Decimal Tiles, plastic (8 sets)
- Overhead Fraction Circles
- Overhead Fraction Squares
- Overhead Percent Tiles
- Overhead Decimal Tiles
- Fraction Sudoku
- Comparative Fraction Strips
- Basic Addition Fraction Dominoes
- Basic Subtraction Fraction Dominoes
- Basic Addition Decimals Dominoes
- Basic Subtraction Decimals Dominoes
- Fraction Chain Games
- Equivalence Trio Game
- The Fraction Book, Grades 5 - ;8
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