• Mathstart Gr 2-4 Kit

Mathstart Gr 2-4 Kit

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Equip your classroom with MathStart and build specific math skills with these delightfully written and illustrated full-color children's books. Popular author Stuart J. Murphy teams up with talented illustrators to create this series of engaging books in which math and reading complement each other perfectly. Each book introduces a basic math skill and tells an entertaining story with bright, colorful illustrations. Includes activities for children and adults to explore together. An easy way to bring NCTM Standards into your classroom. Each complete set contains 21 40-page books.

- Multiplying
- Dividing
- Building Equations
- Estimating
- Bar Graphs
- Counting Coins
- Fractions
- Capacity
- Time
- Equivalent Values
- Classifying
- Subtracting Two-digit Numbers
- Finding Unknowns
- Money
- Negative Numbers
- Percentages
- Place Value
- Measuring Angles
- Making a Schedule
- Basic Metric Measurements
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