Manipulative Kits

Math Manipulatives in the Classroom
At, you'll find an assortment of math manipulatives for preschool, kindergarten, and all elementary grade levels. So you can start teaching your students the importance of base ten and counting in a fun, interactive, and educational manner. We have organized materials om twp main categories early childhood manipulatives & math manipulatives, which has many types of kits.

Some of the most popular and useful manipulative products are as follows: base ten blocks, unifix cubes, cube math, math blocks, linking cubes, counting blocks, fraction manipulatives, counting cubes, mathlink cubes, preschool manipulatives, counting blocks for math.

Base ten blocks math help provide a foundation for all STEM-related activities. Teaching manipulatives also help when it comes times to teach place value and fractions in a visually stimulating way.

What are manipulatives?
Manipulatives are hand-on teaching materials. Almost any solid object can potentially serve as a manipulative, such as blocks, dried seeds, rice, rocks, or pennies. They can all be used to teaching counting and fraction.

How are manipulatives used?
Parents and teachers use manipulatives to help students learn about counting, fractions, time, measurement, geometric shapes, addition, subtraction and much more.