Math 1 Flip Up Study Guide

Math 1 Flipper® - TopicsKinds of Numbers Counting/Natural Numbers Whole Numbers Integers Negative Numbers Positive Numbers Fractions Decimals Rational Numbers Even Numbers Odd Numbers Place Value Reading and Writing Numbers Numbers in Expanded Form Larger Numbers Scientific Notation Interpreting Decimal Numbers Rounding Numbers Estimating by Rounding Numbers Using a Number Line Infinity Comparing Numbers Absolute Value Addition: Terminology and Checking Addends Sum Plus Sign Properties of Addition Commutative Property Associative Property Zero Property Adding Whole Numbers Adding Decimals Regrouping in Addition Adding Certain Decimals Subtraction: Terminology and Checking Minuend Subtrahend Difference Minus Sign Subtracting Whole Numbers Subtracting Decimals Subtracting Certain Decimals Regrouping in Subtraction Multiplication: Terminology and Checking Multiplicand Multiplier Partial Products Product Properties of Multiplication Commutative Property Associative Property Identity Property Distributive Properties of Multiplication Over Addition and Subtraction Order of Operations Multiplying Whole Numbers Multiplying Decimals Factors of a Number Rainbow Method Greatest Common Factor Common Factor Prime Numbers Composite Numbers Relatively Prime Numbers Prime Factor Least Common Multiple Common Multiple Finding the Least Common Multiple Division: Terminology and Checking Divisor Quotient Dividend Remainder Dividing Whole Numbers Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers Dividing by Decimals Sets Equal Sets Equivalent Sets Subsets Proper Subset Empty Set Union Intersection Multiplication Table
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