• Magnets Science Activity Flip Book

Magnets Science Activity Flip Book

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Engage your students in inquiry-based, hands-on experiments with Flip4Science?. Practice the scientific method in every lesson. Move your students through the 3 stages of inquiry - ;directed, guided and full - ;and help your students reach the ultimate goal of conducting independent inquiry. Flip4Science? will transform your science classroom and help increase student achievement. Step-by-step instructions make you an expert in scaffolded inquiry pedagogy. Aligned with National Science Education Standards, these 4 hands-on kits are an ideal resource for preparing students for standardized science tests.
Magnets Kit includes:
# 16-page, double-sided, full color Activity Flip Book
# 72-page Teaching Guide, including lesson plans and student recording sheets
# 5 Science Journals
# Manipulatives for each activity
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