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Magnetic Metric Staircase

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You've drawn your last metric staircase! The Magnetic Metric Staircase is a fun, visual way to help students learn to convert measurements. Simply use the magnetic pieces to mark your starting and ending measurements--then "walk" your way up or down the staircase until you reach your conversion measurement. Count the number of steps you took and multiply or divide by 10 for each one. A true time saver!
Ages 8 /Grades 3

Features & Benefits:
- Includes 28"W x 22"H magnetic staircase depicting the metric prefixes: kilo-, hecto-, deca-, deci-, centi-, and milli-
- Two 3"W x 1.5"D x .25"H magnetic markers that graphically depict "walking" to each conversion step
- A clear, visual way to introduce, practice, and remember the concept of metric conversion-- use with meters, grams, or liters
- Encourages students to practice multiplication skills and math terms
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