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Logico Class Set

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This sequential readiness program gives children a jump-start on the basic skills necessary for success in reading and math. Perfect for individual or small-group practice, Logico features fun-to-use activity boards used in conjunction with stimulating, colorful self-checking activity cards to reinforce:(Visual discrimination)(Comparing and contrasting shapes, colors, and sizes)(Pattern identification)(Sorting and classifying)(Making predictions)(Left-to-right tracking)(Number sense)(Relationship of parts to the whole)(Story sequencing). This program is so easy to understand that it really doesn't require reading to do the cards, making it perfect for second language as well as first language learners The "spiraling" nature of Logico accelerates higher level thinking. As children work through the sets, they "spiral" through skills, revisiting familiar but more challenging material at each interval. The sturdy Logico activity boards with their colorful, easy-to-move buttons are intuitive, kid-tough, and portable. Perfect for learning centers and take-home practice.
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