• Leapster2 Pink Gr Prek-2

Leapster2 Pink Gr Prek-2

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The best-selling educational handheld just got better! Now kids can play and learn on the go, then expand the fun online with game downloads and rewards! Parents can connect to see what their children are playing and learning.

The Leapster2 handheld offers a robust learning experience through built-in tutorials and learning levels that adapt automatically to your child's pace. Its touch screen and stylus help develop motor skills used in writing. It's also compatible with all 30 Leapster learning games, so kids can practice a wide variety of skills for school as they play and learn with their favorite characters.

Connect it online and kids can choose and download one of four starter games, preview hot new titles and access the online rewards and bonus games they earned as they played. A new online creativity studio lets you upload art that your kids have created so they can embellish it and print it to share. Parents can connect to the ground-breaking LeapFrog? Learning Path to see their children's progress in recent games and get ideas to expand the learning!

- Mathematics
- Language arts
- Reading skills
- Basic science concepts
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