• Leapfrog Quantum Pad Book: Search The City!

Leapfrog Quantum Pad Book: Search The City!

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Engaging audio, games, activities and quizzes make learning fun! Get ready for a learning adventure with more than 150 challenging questions and 16 fun activities. Part of the Above & Beyond series, this interactive book for the Quantum Pad learning system helps children in 3rd - 5th grade learn logic, concentration and math skills. Curriculum:
  • Matching games enhance concentration and teach how to decipher word problems.
  • Interactive activities develop better problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Answering timed logic and reasoning questions engage your child in challenging audio and visual activities
  • Search and find games allow your child to navigate crowds, traffic-filled streets, the museum, the park, the village square, the outdoor market, and more to help two friends find each other.
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