• Laundry Jumble

Laundry Jumble

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Find the missing clothes -- no peeking allowed!

Help the animals get dressed! Reach inside the dryer and explore using only your sense of touch. Players try to match picture cards with articles of clothing they feel inside the dryer. Engaging 3-D game play encourages tactile exploration, fine motor skills, and counting. Great for practicing animal names and clothing words, too. Ages 4 / Grades PreK
For 1 - ;4 players Includes:
- 11 Pieces of doll-size clothing are washable
- 30 Game cards feature adorable full-color illustrations
- Fabric dryer measures 8"W x 10"H x 6.5"D

How to Play
- Draw a clothing card
- Feel around inside the dryer for the matching article of clothing
- Pull out the article of clothing, and keep the card if you're correct
- Collect the most cards to win!
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