This third puzzler in the Kanoodle line has more mind-bending challenges. Kanoodlers can test their skill with 303 puzzles in these formats: Traditional 2-D, Traditional 3-D, and the new 2-D puzzles that feature a sliding puzzle board. These challenges help build spatial reasoning and critical thinking skills. Ages 8+How to Play:For the traditional 2-D and 3-D puzzles:1. Select a puzzle from the guide.2. _Set up the starting puzzle pieces as shown.3. _Use the remaining pieces to complete the puzzle.For the new 2-D puzzles (using the sliding puzzle board):1. Choose a puzzle from the guide.2. _Slide the board to the reveal the first challenge.3. _Use the pieces indicated to fill in the puzzle board.4. _When you've completed this challenge, slide the board to the next notch for a harder puzzle.The nitty-gritty: 12 Puzzle pieces Puzzle book with 303 puzzles Puzzle board/carrying case
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